Double-Edged Safety Razor

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Ditch single-use plastic razors forever and transform your shave into an experience you can look forward to. This double-edged safety razor is perfect for beginner safety razor users and adjusts to two different settings -- setting 1 makes it impossible to cut yourself and setting 3 can be used for longer hair and thicker stubble.

Replacement For

Single-use plastic razors.

How to Use

Unscrew the handle and place a blade on the cap of the razor. Place the plate on the loaded cap and screw the handle back on. The number visible on the exposed plate when assembled is the size in use.




Zinc alloy coated in white chrome.

Care Instructions

Keep out of reach of children. Blades are extremely sharp! When not in use, keep dry and store in a dry area.

End of Life

100% recyclable. Before recycling, please place blades in a safe metal container.