Are you ready to Go Zero Together?

We’re kicking off on February 1st!


Go Zero Together provides you step-by-step guidance, virtual group support and live coaching, and practical tools to align your lifestyle with your values and make a difference in the world.

Together we’ll:

Get Intentional

Setting yourself up for success is key in making a real lifestyle shift. You’ll learn how to set intentions, get clear on your “why,” and craft a strong foundation for your journey.

Know Your Stuff

Knowledge is power. You’ll dive deep into the philosophy behind zero waste and uncover some of the dirty truths about the waste we create in your life.

Take Action

You have a unique way of living in this world and the way you transform your lifestyle should match. Through audit exercises, you’ll discover exactly where you need to focus and create a zero waste roadmap unique to you.

Consciously Connect

You’ll venture through this program alongside individuals from all over the world. Ask questions, share successes, and keep one another accountable. You’ll also learn how to navigate zero waste around others who don’t see the point.


Who is this for?

Go Zero Together is right for you if:

  • You are just getting started on your zero waste journey

  • You’ve made a few zero waste swaps but you’re ready to take a more meaningful approach toward sustainable living

  • You need step-by-step, actionable tasks with support network that’ll keep you on track with your goals

By joining you’ll receive:

  • Emails with actionable tasks, tips and tools, and social media prompts

  • A private Facebook group with access to Rachel, giving you personalized support alongside a conscious community

  • Live videos where we’ll check-in, dive deep into daily themes, and answer questions along the way

  • A 10% discount on everything in the Simply Zero shop

The Deets

  • Program Dates: February 1 - 28, 2019

  • Investment: $47

Ready to Go Zero Together?

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