Beechwood Lint Brush


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This beechwood lint brush features hand-mounted rubber which creates a static charge through rubbing and attracts hair, lint, and dust like a magnet. The particles deposited on the surface can then be removed easily by hand or under running water.

Replacement For


Rub gently across clothing or upholstery to create a static pull for hair, lint, and dust. 



This product comes 100% package free.


Ingredients / Materials

Oiled beechwood and rubber. 


Care Instructions

To clean, simple rinse with water, towel blot to remove excess moisture and air dry completely at room temperature. 

End of Life

100% compostable (cut into small pieces).

Customer Reviews

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Still working on learning the best technique to use it. I still haven’t achieved a truly clean pair of pants with this brush. I’m always unsure if it’s actually removing much or just spreading it around. I hate lint rollers and don’t want to add to plastic waste with those red fabric lint brushes, but this doesn’t seem to be the answer for clothes. Does work decently in furniture, especially if you only have a few stray hairs to remove