Metal Straw Set


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Hundreds of millions of straws are used everyday in the US alone. Swapping to a reusable option is one big way to help reduce this figure. This reusable 3pc straw set includes 1 beautiful food grade stainless steel straw in unique metallic finishes, a cleaning brush, and a fun travel pouch.

Set includes:
1 Straight (8 mm x 9.5 in) Straws in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver or Bronze
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Reusable Cotton Canvas Pouch

Replacement For

Single-use plastic straws


This product is self-contained in fun, cotton travel pouch. 


Pouch: 100% cotton

Straw: Food-grade stainless steel

Brush: Metal and nylon bristles

Care Instructions

Stainless steel straw and straw brush are both dishwasher safe. Cotton travel pouch can be laundered as normal and air-dried.

End of Life

Pouch: 100% compostable or recyclable in a textile recycling program

Straw: 100% recyclable

Brush: Metal is 100% recyclable, bristles can be removed and recycled through Terracycle.


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