Reusable Glass and Silicone Coffee Cup - 12oz


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Avoid contributing to the BILLIONS of single-use paper coffee cups each year with these reusable glass and cork mugs. 

Replacement For

Single-use coffee cups


This product comes packaged in a paperboard box


Cup: Tempered glass

Band: Silicone #7

Lid: BPS and BPA-free Polypropylene alloy #7

Plug: LDPE #4

Care Instructions

Be gentle – don’t use abrasive materials or cloths when cleaning.

For everyday use a quick rinse will do it – but we recommend a thorough clean once a week.

Lids, plugs, silicone bands and cup components are durable, and designed to be easy to care for. All are dishwasher safe on the top shelf.

End of Life

Recycle the glass and plastic lid.