Three Butter Lotion Bar

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This moisturizing lotion bar, with three luxurious butters, is an effective solution for dry hands, elbows and feet. Made with mango, shea and cocoa butters, it hydrates and nourishes your skin with a single application. Certified organic, it's gentle and safe for all skin types... kids and babies, too!

  • Hint: apply to hands before washing dishes
  • Beeswax and natural butters lock in a natural protective barrier to help reduce chapping
  • Helps reduce itching due to dry irritated hands
  • Nourishing butters create a unique moisture barrier to help heal dry, cracked skin
  • Great for stretch marks
  • Solid, portable and great for traveling (TSA friendly)
  • Moisturizing oils and butters nourish dry skin
  • One bar can last for months with daily use

How to Use

  • Remove the lotion bar from the tin
  • Warm the bar between your hands for a few seconds.
  • As your body heat softens the bar it releases skin-nourishing oils and allows you to rub it in more easily (while moisturizing your hands at the same time)
  • Massage the lotion into your dry skin until absorbed

For those must wash their hands often during the day:

  • Apply immediately after washing while skin is still warm and damp
  • Rub the lotion bar between your hands
  • Massage the lotion into your palms and the rest of your hand until well absorbed
  • If hands are badly chapped, dry or cracked, apply frequently during the day
  • Toss it in your purse, desk, workshop drawer or lunchbox
  • Carry the convenient tin to use whenever your hands need some TLC

Tip: If your bar gets really hard during cold winter months, allow it warm a bit longer in warm hands


Organic Beeswax, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter*, Organic Virgin Shea Butter*, Organic Mango Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil*

*Ingredient is Fair Trade Certified


This product is packaged in a 100% reusable and recyclable aluminum tin.

End of lIfe

Reuse or recycle aluminum tin.

Lotion bar is 100% biodegradable

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