Zero Waste Starter Kit Plus


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Kick your zero waste journey off with 6 of our fav essentials. This kit includes:

1 x Love the Earth Tote

1 x Bamboo Travel Cutlery

1 x Stainless Steel Straw w/ Straw Brush

1 x Reusable Glass and Cork Coffee Mug 12 oz

1 x Cotton Mesh Produce Bag Medium

1 x Cotton Produce Bag Medium

1 x Beeswax Wrap Set

1 x Bamboo Toothbrush

1 x Two-Tier Tiffin


Beeswax Wrap: Packaged in a recyclable, compostable brown paper

Reusable Glass and Cork Coffee Mug: Packaged in a recyclable, compostable paperboard box

Everything else: Package-free


Love the Earth Tote: Natural Cotton

Cotton Mesh Produce Bag: 100% organic cotton

Cotton Produce Bag: Natural Cotton

Stainless Steel Straw: Stainless Steel

Two-Tier Tiffin: Stainless Steel

Beeswax Wrap: 100% Organic GOTS certified Cotton, Beeswax, Tree Resin, Organic Coconut Oil

Reusable Glass and Cork Coffee Mug: 

Cup: Tempered glass B

and: Cork

Lid: BPS and BPA-free Polypropylene alloy #7

Plug: LDPE #4

End of Life

Bags: Compost or recycle as a textile.

Stainless Steel Straw: Recycle

Reusable Glass and Cork Mug:  Compost the cork and recycle the rest!

Beeswax Wrap: 100% compostable

Bamboo Travel Cutlery: Compost utensils, recycle container

Two-Tier Tiffin: 100% recyclable