Simply Zero Exfoliating Soap Bag

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The loose-woven agave fiber on our soap bag provides just the right amount of scrubbing on the body and is suitable for daily exfoliation. This soap bag also helps provide a longer life to soaps by letting you use tiny soap scraps so that you're wasting less product. 

Replacement For

Conventional body wash and soap in plastic containers. 

How to Use

Place soap bar or soap scraps in the bag, wet the bag, and scrub the body with the bag in the shower. When finished scrubbing, rinse the bag lightly and hang to dry where it will dry fully between uses. 


This product is 100% package-free

Ingredients / Materials

Agave Fiber

Care Instructions

When finished using, rinse bag lightly and hang to dry where it will dry fully between uses. Replace every 2-4 months or sanitize frequently by emptying the bag, washing in the washing machine or top rack of the dishwasher, or dipping in vinegar or boiling water. 

End of Life

This product is reusable or compostable. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Susan Campbell-Fournel

I find it practical and nice to use on my arms and legs!

The perfect little scrubber

I've been a bar soap user for years now and never thought much about the experience until I started using this soap bag. It's really provided that extra little something when using my bar soap and my skin feels great after using it. I love that I can toss my soap ends into it and use up every last bit, too!