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Anise & Clove Tooth Cleanse


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The Anise & Clove Tooth Cleanse provides an alternative to conventional toothpaste that gently cleanses the teeth with mild soaps and checks bacteria with it's myrrh tincture. Essential oil of clove supports gum health, and anise essential oil sweetens the flavor and promotes good digestion.

And the economy folks! Only three little drops per brush! Pair with our Tooth Polish which should be used once every couple weeks to help keep teeth free of stains from coffee and tea.

1 fl oz

Handmade is Grass Valley, CA

How to Use

Intended to synergize with our Anise & Close Tooth Cleanse and clear up stains.

Use once a week, brushing your teeth only. Sprinkle a bit on your clean, damp toothbrush and gently brush. Rinse until the charcoal clears.

Can be messy, best to brush in the shower.


This product is packaged in a glass bottle w/ a metal lid.


Activated charcoal powder, Baking soda, Kaolin clay, Myrrh powder*, Peppermint essential oil*


Care Instructions

For best results, use within 1-year of purchase

End of Life

Recycle bottle and metal lid.