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Our newly-improved, all natural sea sponges are a luxurious and eco-friendly upgrade to plastic shower puffs. We've kept the qualities you love but now source larger, more durable sponges. A gentler way to get clean, our sea sponges are soft and safe enough to use on a baby while still delivering an invigorating scrub and exfoliation. Sustainably sourced from Greece, we selected the biodegradable "hardhead" variety of sponge for its luxurious feel as well as antibacterial and antifungal properties.

What’s in it: sustainably harvested sea sponges (4.5 - 5" at the widest point).

What’s not in it: synthetic fibers, phthalates, dyes, BPA, nor anything from formaldehyde.

    Replacement For

    Sponges made of synthetic materials.

    Use as you would a conventional sponge. 


    This product comes 100% package free.


    Natural sponge with cotton strap.

    Care Instructions

    Rinse with clean water after each use, gently squeeze dry, and hang up to air dry and do not wring out. 

    End of Life

    100% compostable.

    Customer Reviews

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    Rebecca Parry
    Worth the Investment

    I'm not a fan of loofahs - too rough on my skin. The natural bath sponge, while still stiffer than a traditional plastic bath pouf, is a nice alternative. I love using body wash, and the natural sponge does a good job of holding and distributing the body wash, while providing some gentle exfoliation. It wasn't cheap, but I feel good about it being non-plastic and sustainably harvested, and I think it should last a good while. I just gently squeeze it out and hang it to dry after each use. I haven't noticed any foul smells or mold growth, so it must be naturally antimicrobial. It actually smells pleasantly like the ocean. Definitely worth the investment.