Refillable Glass Bottle

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Perfect for refilling bulk liquids or adding a pump to for everyday use!

*Pumps may be white or black with the limited stock available due to COVID-19

Replacement For

Conventional plastic bottles

How to Use

Bring these bottles with you to the refill shop to refill your favorite liquid products or keep at home, add a pump and use for everyday use. 


Package Free



End of Life

100% recyclable

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Austin Becton

I bought three of the glass bottles. They add a luxurious element to the bathroom and I plan to use them for many years and save on that waste!

Danielle Wennerstrom
Perfect for my kitchen counter!

I live in a small space so I tend to be picky about what stays on my kitchen counter - the toaster gets unplugged and put in a cupboard after use, and I don’t prefer bulky jars or cleaning supplies to stay out. That’s why I love this size jar! It’s perfect for daily use and doesn’t clutter up my kitchen counter. For refilling purposes I have since started using an extra large jar to take to the refillery and top off my main jar at home. This combo works great for me!

Michael R Mutchler
Glass bottle lg

We purchased the glass bottle with pump to replace our crummy old soap bottle. It currently has the lemon-scented castille soap in it. It works great! We broke one already by it falling in the sink, but that was our bad, just be careful. Looking into getting more of these as the containers we are currently using age out.