Reusable Beauty Swab

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This beauty swab is a reusable, sustainable and sanitary alternative to cotton swabs, buds, and Q-tips. With pointed tips specially designed for makeup touch-ups and cleaning tight spaces, our reusable makeup q tips are must-have for your makeup bag! It helps combat the billions of single-use cotton swabs that are produced every day.

Replacement For

Single-use cotton swabs and other single-use beauty tools.


How to Use

You can use our reusable swab the same way you would a conventional cotton swab.


Packaged in recyclable and compostable cardboard. 


Ingredients / Materials

The swab ends are TPE, the rod is plastic, and the case is PLA which is made of biodegradable corn. 

Care Instructions

Our swabs are easily cleaned with water and a little soap.

End of Life

The PLA case is 100% backyard compostable. 

The swab ends and rod are recyclable through Terracycle.

Customer Reviews

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Amber Eller
No More Cotton Swabs

Thanks to this product, I plan to never buy or use a disposable cotton swab ever again. I have 3 of these—one for applying zero waste lip balm/gloss, one for if I get something in my eye, and one for cleaning purposes. Very useful and love the convenient reusable packaging!