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These package-free shampoo bars are perfect for everyone because we've got an option for most every hair type! 

Stimulator: thickening | oily + fine hair

Hydrator: moisturizing | dry + curly hair

Detoxifier: clarifying | build-up + blonde hair

Fixer: repairing | damaged + weak hair

Balancer: smoothing | combination + frizzy hair

Healer: healing | normal + dry hair

Replacement For

Chemical-laden shampoo products in plastic containers. 

How to Use

Apply bar directly to wet hair and massage with hands until desired lather is achieved. Alternatively, lather bar in hands and apply to hair. Rinse thoroughly, repeat as necessary.   


This product is 100% package free!


Stimulator sodium coco sulfate, coconut oil, cocoa butter, (essential oils of: peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, cedar wood, and bergamot), matcha green tea, french green clay, shea oil, hemp seed oil, apricot seed oil,  ichthammol, stinging nettle extract, d-panthenol, and green oxide 

Hydrator sodium coco sulfate, coconut oil, cocoa butter, (essential oils of: coriander seed, juniper berry, orange sweet, palmarosa, geranium, cardamom, and patchouli), colloidal oatmeal, amla oil, shea oil, hemp seed oil, apricot seed oil, dimethicone copolyol, and d-panthenol

Detoxifiersodium coco sulfate, coconut oil, cocoa butter, (essential oils of: bergamot, patchouli, blood orange, ylang-ylang and grapefruit), shea oil, hemp seed oil, apricot seed oil, activated charcoal, organic aloe vera, dimethicone copolyol, and d-panthenol

Fixersodium coco sulfate, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea oil, hemp seed oil, apricot seed oil, dimethicone copolyol, stinging nettle extract, cocoa powder, (essential oils of: lavender 40/42, peppermint supreme, eucalyptus globulus, rosemary (Morocco), clary sage (France), sweet basil (India), cedar wood Virginian), and d-panthenol

Balancersodium coco sulfate, coconut oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, calendula, shea oil, hemp seed oil, apricot seed oil, (essential oils of: neroli and sweet orange), d-panthenol, turmeric, and hydrolyzed quinoa protein

Healersodium coco sulfate, coconut oil, cocoa butter, (essential oils of: organic bitter orange oil, lime oil (distilled), ho wood, cardamom, vanilla CO2, and tonka C02), shea oil, hemp seed oil, apricot seed oil, amla oil, hydrolyzed rice protein, licorice root extract, d-panthenol, mica, titanium dioxide, and ultramarine blue.

Care Instructions

Simply place bars on a bar dish with drainage for daily in-shower use. Keep bars away from spraying and pooling water, or store outside of shower. For best results when traveling, pat bars dry before stowing in tins. Do not store wet bars in travel tins or use tins for in-shower storage. 

End of Life 

100% Biodegradable. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Kayleigh Garlick
So Soft

Got this for my wife and I tried it also. It is so much more than I expected. She told me to try it because her hair (short men’s cut) was so soft. My hair is at my shoulders and it’s thick and tangles easily. For the FIRST TIME in 30 years, my hair isn’t tangling. Even after sleeping I normally wake up with a rats nest. Not anymore. Silky smooth, run fingers straight through thick luscious locks. Needless to say I’m also switching and we just got the conditioner bar too. It’s equally as incredible.

Mya Nguyen
I’ve been using for over a year!

I love the fixer shampoo bar! I’ve tried a lot of solid and liquid shampoos, and this is the only one that keeps my hair voluminous!

Steph Bradford
Suds for days

I love the fragrance of this shampoo bar and the suds are awesome. Best shampoo bar EVER!

Anna Steinle
And I’m a hairdresser

I love these shampoo bars! A little bit make a LOT of lather. My hair ain’t stripped and the curls have come back!

Megan Bauer

I actually purchased this shampoo bar for my husband. He loved it, so of course I had to give it a try and WOW!! I was shocked at how well it worked on my long hair. We are never going back to liquid shampoo again.