A Simple Zero Waste Kit That Will Have You Avoiding Single-Use on the Daily

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Creating a zero waste kit is one of the easiest ways to start reducing plastic waste when you’re on-the-go and often, you can started with items you already have in your own house. To create yours, think about your daily routine: Do you stop for coffee? Are you always buying bottled water? Do you like using a straw? Do you eat out for lunch? Make a list of what items you’ll need on a daily basis, gather them from around your house and/or purchase items you don’t have, and most importantly take it with you when you leave the house! Below are some of the items I bring with me on a daily basis:

Bamboo Cutlery

BRAND | To-Go Ware

FEATURES | Made from recycled PET (RePEaT), BPA & Phthalate-free, responsibly sourced bamboo

PRICE | $13-15


Travel Mug

BRAND | Keep Cup

FEATURES | Made from tempered glass, BPA/BPS-free, responsibly sourced and upcycled cork

PRICE | $24-28


Glass Straw

BRAND | Hummingbird Straws

FEATURES | Shatter resistant, BPA, toxin, and lead free

PRICE | $15-30


Travel Water Bottle

BRAND | S’well

FEATURES | Stainless steel, BPA-free, Charitable Co.

PRICE | $25-45


Reusable Cloth Bag

BRAND | Eco-Bags

FEATURES | Organic/recycled cotton, ethical & sustainable, non-toxic dye

PRICE | $5-6