Creating a zero waste kit is one of the easiest ways to start reducing single-use waste when you’re on-the-go. Often, you can started with items you already have in your own house, but just like a new workout outfit can inspire us to invest in our health, sometimes a new reusable can kick-start a new zero waste habit.


How to create your zero waste on-the-go kit?

To create your zero waste kit, it's important to think about your daily routine. Here are a few questions you might ask yourself as you run through your day:

  • Will I stop for coffee or tea?
  • How do I plan to stay hydrated? 
  • Do I like using a straw?
  • Will I eat out for lunch or make my own?
  • Will I have leftovers if I'm eating out?
  • Will I be coming home to re-prep for any evening plans or do I need to prepare now?
Once you've answered these questions, make a list of what items you’ll need on a daily basis. You can then gather each reusable item from around your house or make a plan to purchase items you don’t have.

What's in our zero waste on-the-go kit?


Bamboo Travel Cutlery

Replacement For | Single-Use Plastic Utensils

Sourced From | Ethically sourced bamboo

End of Life | Case can be recycled in textile recycling, utensils are 100$ compostable

Price | $13-$15

Reusable zero waste bamboo utensils


Colorful Glass Straws

Replacement For | Single-Use plastic straws

Materials | Borosillicate glass

End of Life | Glass is 100% recyclable

Price | $5-$8

reusable glass straws

Reusable Travel Mug

Replacement For | Single-Use Paper Cups

Materials | Glass, cork, silicone

End of Life | Glass is 100% recyclable, cork is 100% compostable, please check with your local municipality for silicone disposal

Price | $16-$28

reusable zero waste coffee mugs

Beeswax Wrap

Replacement For | Single-Use plastic wrap or to-go containers

Materials | GOTS Organic cloth, beeswax, tree resin

End of Life | Beeswax wrap is 100% compostable

Price | $25

reusable zero waste beeswax wrap

Reusable Cloth Bags

Replacement For | Single-Use plastic bags

Materials | GOTS Organic cloth

End of Life | Reusable cloth bags are 100% compostable or recyclable with textile recycling

Price | From $5.50 - $20

reusable organic cotton produce bags


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